THE ARKHAM SESSIONS, by Dr. Andrea Letamendi and Brian Ward, is a weekly podcast dedicated to the observation and clinical analysis of the characters in BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES.
The Arkham Sessions, Episode 22 "Vendetta"

Hidden behind the vicious exterior of sharp teeth and menacing claws is a man who has dealt with disfigurement from a medical condition his whole life. How did this physical deformity impact him psychologically? How realistic is his uncontrollable anger and thirst for revenge? The doc explains how biological, cognitive, emotional and social "pathways" interact to explain how the Croc's life choices are actually understandable.

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The Arkham Sessions, Episode 21 "Joker's Favor"

To owe the Joker a favor is never good. Unless, of course, that favor is listening to The Arkham Sessions. In this week's episode, we talk about folks that "snap," we continue to explore the Joker's diagnosis and we're introduced to the Joker's very special numero uno, Harley Quinn!

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The Arkham Sessions, Episode 20 "Feat of Clay"

You know the story. You start with an attractive, successful actor who finds a "supplement" that helps his career. The "miracle pharmaceutical" happens to have a permanent, insidious side effect. And horrifically, our friend turns into the monstrous villain CLAYFACE and tries to destroy Batman! In this episode of The Arkham Sessions, we discuss the components of substance abuse disorders, vulnerability to addictions, and how traumatic experiences lead people to "self-medicate."

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Batman's no fool. He's a man of science. In this episode of The Arkham Sessions, we talk about the psychology of persuasion, the principles that con artists use to deceive and defraud us, and the research that shows just who is susceptible to this kind of victimization.

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The Arkham Sessions, Episode 18 "Beware the Gray Ghost"

In a very realistic take on hero worship, this episode introduces us to Batman's idol: The Gray Ghost and shows us that even Batman can be an avid fan of a fictional character, down to his collection of costumes, memorabilia, and toys. But there's more to his fanboy adoration of this T.V. idol-- we discuss how the Gray Ghost represents justice and hope, and how he helped instill Bruce's moral beliefs (sound familiar?). Most of all, the Gray Ghost allows Bruce to honor the memory of his deceased father. Listen here for the full analysis!

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The Arkham Sessions, Episode 17 "See No Evil"

A father with a criminal history and a restraining order against him returns to Gotham City after serving jail time. He begins sneaking into his daughter's room at night and devises a plan to kidnap her without his ex-wife knowing. His strategy? An invisibility suit. Of course, Batman will do everything he can to protect the young girl. In this psychologically-rich episode of The Arkham Sessions, we discuss the mental health of children of incarcerated parents, explain how anonymity can facilitate antisocial behavior, and assert that Batman would make a great father.

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The Arkham Sessions, Episode 16 "The Cat and the Claw, Part 2"

In this episode of The Arkham Sessions, we delve deeper into Bruce Wayne's struggle with his alter identity as Batman, how he deals with emotional vulnerability, his hunger for romantic connections, and rejection.


Bruce Wayne has finally met his match in the lovely Selina Kyle, AKA Catwoman! But has Batman? In this episode of The Arkham Sessions, Dr. Letamendi discusses Bruce's rigidity when wearing the cowl and we even get to talk a little about the psychology of cosplay!


Mr. Freeze is perhaps one of the most fascinating villains in the Batman Universe. He is detached, inexpressive, and like his name implies, cold. And yet, Mr. Freeze is inexplicably lifelike and relatable. "Heart of Ice" is arguably one of the most influential stories from Batman: The Animated Series because of this well-written origin story. After of the sudden, devastating loss of his wife, Nora, scientist Victor Fries transforms into Mr. Freeze, a vengeful killer, willing to harm anyone who steps in his way. But there is more to this tragic story. Under the subzero suit is a person burdened with unrelenting pain and sorrow. In this episode, we discuss the difficulty of dealing with loss and letting go, and explain how being "frozen in grief" is a very real thing. 

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In this episode of The Arkham Sessions, Batman's down for the count, but the Junior Detectives, Sherman and Roberta, have this battle with the Penguin covered. Dr. Letamendi discusses the effects of bullying and even blows our minds with her REAL thoughts about this episode of Batman: The Animated Series.